How to Stay Motivated to Work Out: The Ultimate Guide

how to stay motivated to work out

If you are here, you are certainly familiar with all the perks of a consistent workout. From improving your blood pressure to alleviating your mood, boosting your mental health, and reducing the risk of diseases, it is safe to say that exercising makes life better.

But why is it so difficult to actually get up and get moving? Reports show that over 80% of Americans don’t work out consistently while others are not active at all. That said, check these working out tips on how to stay motivated to work out.

Set Goals and Write Them Down

Staying motivated to work out regularly is not as easy as writing in your journal. It takes a lot of discipline and constant reminders of why you decided to adopt the lifestyle in the first place. There is no way you will stay consistent with your workout if you have nothing you hope to achieve.

You are about to pay for a gym membership. But what do you wish to get as a reward?

To most individuals, working out is all about looking good. They want to burn the annoying tummy fats.

Others want to tone their arms, and some are after strength building. In this case, you need fitness motivation.

Then there is another group of individuals who only work out to boost their mental health. They are more productive at work after exercising before heading to the office. Others want to feel lighter and more confident about an upcoming event.

Whichever your reason for working out, develop a plan. Otherwise, you will lose interest on the way. You will have more skipped gym sessions, and eventually, you will be nowhere close to achieving your goals.

Visualize Your Achievements

Coming up with workout goals is not enough. It would help if you visualized them.

For instance, if you want to achieve a model body, imagine how you would look post-transformation. Let that be your main drive whenever you feel like giving up. You can do so through yoga or meditation to increase your workout strength.

Using your mind to gain strength has shown a lot of success and helps you snap out of any impulsive thoughts of giving up. In return, you remain focused with your eyes on the prize.

Find Something You Enjoy

Among the critical tips for exercising is to indulge in something you enjoy. It’s easy to want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it could be the number one goal in your vision board.

You make a promise to yourself that you will eat healthily and go to the gym five times a week. You even attach a photo of your role model and the kind of body you wish to achieve in a few months.

You are inspired, and this time, nothing can come between you and your body goals. Days go by, and even weeks. You are still on the right track and convinced that you will soon nail your goal.

The month is around the corner, and your friends invite you to a party in your hood. You can’t say no to your people.

You end up wasted, and when Monday comes, you decide to take a break from the gym. Tuesday is here, and you still have the weekend blues. Before you know it, the whole week has passed, and you haven’t stopped at the gym.

The truth is, you don’t necessarily have to head to the gym to stay active. You can try something enjoyable such as hiking with your friends, dancing or simply taking a walk.

The reason you have backed down from working out is probably that in your mind, you are thinking about the exhausting treadmill and how you don’t have the energy for it.

Have Someone Hold You Accountable

Everything has consequences. This case should not be an exception. Think of how you’d punish your kid for not completing their homework. Or imagine an employee pays dearly for failing to submit their project assignments on time.

That’s the same way you should pay for not keeping up with your workout routine. Ask a friend, relative, or colleague to hold you accountable if you miss an exercise session. For example, they can take something you love from you and keep it until you get back on track.

You may also join a fitness group. It is always easier when you have workout buddies. Set workout goals together.

Keep each other company and always remind yourselves why you chose the fit lifestyle. Encourage one another when any of you feels like giving up.

Check How Far You Have Come

Another tip on how to stay motivated to exercise is to track your progress. See how far you have come and if there are any changes in your weight, size, and how you feel.

You can track progress by developing a workout calendar. Include your target workout sessions in a month, how many pounds you wish to lose, and any other goal you hope to achieve.

While tracking progress, avoid doing it too soon. You cannot sign up for the gym today and start checking your progress tomorrow. Give it a few weeks or months before opening the calendar.

You will thank yourself after realizing that most of the targets are already met. You only need to push a bit further to achieve success.

The anticipation of ticking your targets will give you exercise motivation. Before you know it, working out will be your thing. It will make it to the list of things you love doing. And that’s how you adopt it as a lifestyle.

Learn How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

Everyone dreams of being fit and healthy. But only a few are willing to put in the work. You may be willing to work out consistently, but you lack the drive or something that can motivate you to meet your workout goals.

This guide on how to stay motivated to work out is everything you need to stay on track. Keep in mind that working out will positively impact your health and performance in other aspects like school and your business.

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