we wouldn't blame you if you joined just for hydromassage!

 It’s INCLUDED with our Premium and MORE memberships. Let the Ahhhhhhh begin. And after a great workout, nothing feels quite like a great massage. Enjoy one in the privacy of our own hydro lounge areas. (And you don’t even have to make small talk with a masseuse.)


  • Provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains
  • Relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and tension

  • Increase circulation in local areas where massaged

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Enhance the feeling of well-being and deep relaxation

WHAT IS hydromassage?

If you have walked around Dynamic Fitness, you have probably noticed a lounge with large black chairs. These are HydroMassage lounge chairs. HydroMassage chairs are customizable massage that shoots jets of water up and down your body. The chairs are made with a waterproof covering that keeps the water safe and sound inside of the bed keeping you completely dry. You can use the remote or screen to keep the jets in an area that needs a little more care or allow the water to run up and down your entire body. These chairs are great to use on a rest day, or before or after you finish exercising. We love this amenity because it allows you to enjoy a therapeutic massage while remaining fully-clothed, playing games on the tablet-like device on your HydroMassage bed, listening to music, reading, or enjoying the television screens depending on your gym’s location.