5 Proven Benefits of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

5 Proven Benefits of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) There are 20 different amino acids that make up the thousands of different proteins in the human body. Nine of the 20 are considered essential amino acids, meaning they cannot be made by your body and must be obtained through your diet. Of the nine essential amino […]

Exercise can help your immune system fight off infections

Regular exercise can boost your immune system and help fight off infections.  Exercise allows immune cells to perform effectively — it increases blood flow, reduces stress and inflammation, and can strengthen antibodies. Here’s how you can exercise safely to boost immunity during the coronavirus pandemic.  Exercise has many proven health benefits, from reducing the risk of […]

Top 5 lifestyle changes to improve your cholesterol

Top 5 lifestyle changes to improve your cholesterol Lifestyle changes can help improve your cholesterol — and boost the cholesterol-lowering power of medications. High cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Medications can help improve your cholesterol. But if you’d rather first make lifestyle changes to improve your cholesterol, try these five […]


TOP 10 NUTRITION TIPS Healthy Tip 1: Set yourself up for success  To set yourself up for success, think about planning a healthy diet as a number of small, manageable steps rather than one big drastic change. If you approach the changes gradually and with commitment, you will have a healthy diet sooner than you […]

Does A Cheat Day Undo A Week at the Gym?

Fat gain or loss is determined by how many calories you take in and how many calories you use in a day Water weight can come from increased glycogen, an energy source that is produced primarily from carbohydrates A cheat day every once in a while will not erase weeks and months of hard work […]

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise

Need some motivation to begin or continue working out? While some people are natural workout fanatics, exercise doesn’t come as easily to others. And to deliver the most benefits, exercise must be consistent, which also can be a challenge with our hyper-busy lifestyles. Although most people know that exercise is good for them, they may […]

Top 10 Benefits of Personal Training

From helping you reach your fitness goals to figuring out how to exercise safely with a chronic condition, learn the top 10 benefits of personal training and why it could be one of the best investments you’ll make in your overall health and well-being. 1. Motivation Most of us work harder in the presence of […]

How Does Exercise Affect Your Immune System?

  Having a strong immune system means your body has a better chance of fighting off the latest germ or virus. This helps protect you against seasonal bugs, like the flu. It also means you’re at less risk of catching quick-spreading viruses. Plus, even if you do wind up getting sick, a strong immune system […]