• Cleansing Research has repeatedly shown that sweating in a sauna can help cleanse the body of the toxic agents, such as lactic acid, sodium, and uric acid, that routinely accumulate in the body. Toxins stored in subcutaneous fat are released through perspiration. 
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief – Experience for yourself the tranquility that is the Cocoon Wellness Sauna and watch the day’s stresses peel away. 
  • Chronic Pain – Many of our guests have experienced relief from symptoms of such ailments as Fybromyalgia, Arthritis, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
  • Sports Recovery – Infrared sauna is essential in promoting muscle recovery, reducing tension, and eliminating performance inhibiting toxic burdens from the body. … Infrared heat will also help in the reduction of lactic acids, allowing tight and worn-out muscles to relax. 
  • Calorie Burning – Not only do you burn calories while in the sauna, but the hyperthermic condition of the sauna promotes increased calorie burn for hours after each session.  600 calories or more can be burned from one sauna session. 
  • Wound Healing – Research has shown that infrared wavelengths aid in boosting cell regeneration

Triple Infrared Heat

The Wellness Sauna includes an IR (infrared or radiant) heating feature.

Near, Mid and Far infrared heat radiates through the Pod and directly heats the body without heating the air inside the Wellness Sauna. If the infrared heat system is used without the dry heat air (convective) system, the air inside the cabinet remains relatively cool and users can receive benefits like traditional dry heat sauna without heating the air itself.

Users can use either the dry heat feature or infrared wellness heat system separately or in combination simultaneously for the ultimate
in total body hyperthermic conditioning.

Dry Heat

The Wellness Sauna dry heat air system utilizes a powerful fan and proprietary “air shower” heat port configuration that evenly distributes and creates a circulating vortex of warm air throughout the body chamber by means of convection. Convection utilizes air currents to warm the air inside the cabinet, so the body is heated gradually, evenly and safely. Users can adjust the cabinet temperature to any desired level, ranging from ambient room temperature up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit (88 degrees Celsius). The warmed air flows downward to the body from a pattern of hood ports while fans draw the warm air currents equally across the chamber in a flow that creates an even, gentle air shower to slowly heat the body to the desired temperature level.

The dry heat air feature provides a myriad of holistic benefits including increased core (body) temperature and local blood circulation.  As the body responds to the warm chamber environment, the relaxing release of body heat triggers the cleansing and perspiration process that helps maintain a stable core temperature.

Vibration Massage

Synchronized multiple vibration transducers located under the contoured bed can be controlled by the user to achieve the desired level of soothing and invigorating massage. Individualized variable massage motors allow for customized massage vibration locations to the back, legs, or both. In addition, the massage intensity settings can be adjusted to low, mild, strong, intense, and maximum vibration. Users can select their own personal vibratory massage levels for immediate stress relief, relaxation, soothing relief to the muscles, improved better sleep or recharging power naps.  The vibration massage bed is ergonomically contoured and padded with foam cushioning to provide the most comfortable and ergonomic user experience. Evenly distributed and cushioned support eliminates any pressure points and provides the feeling of floating comfortably in the air.

Cooling Face Air System

The Wellness Sauna also allows users to adjust the rate and direction of cool airflow upon the face and neck for refreshment and comfort during high heat sessions. A continuous stream of adjustable cool air movement from the lowest level (one) to the highest level (seven) enhances the enjoyment of each session.   Himalayan salt ionizes and enhances the cool air with a refreshing salt air breeze


The optional aroma system enables the users to choose from a selection of different essential oil scents for a heightened sensory experience. Scented air flows over the body and face and fills the air in the body chamber if desired. The user’s olfactory senses will be stimulated for the enhancement of all sessions and improved health, beauty and well-being. The Pure Essential Oils can be used to customize each Cocoon Wellness Sauna. The numerous herbal benefits of aroma therapy include nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing the
skin, relieving stress, and many others for improved relaxation, health, beauty and total well-being.

Himalayan Salt Block

Wellness Sauna users can experience the benefits of traditional salt caves found in Europe and salt rooms which have emerged across the United States in the past decade. A 5” x 5” tile Himalayan pure ionic crystal salt is mounted near the air intake fan to provide clean and refreshing salt air. The benefits of salt air or “halotherapy” salt has long been practiced as a traditional holistic wellness experience. Himalayan salt contains 84 natural minerals and trace elements. Cocoon Wellness Sauna becomes the user’s very own Himalayan salt cave.  A private sanctuary in which to fully relax, recharge and rejuvenate!