Black Friday/November Preparations

Last Year Recap

Nov 2018
685 units 14,799 EFT
91 PIF
594 EFT Units $24.84 PPH
Basic 65.8%
Web Deals 63 Units Total

2019 Nov Objectives
120% $22,374 EFT
$29 Ave
771 Units
POS Attach 10% 77 Units
$310 Ave= $23,8709

November 1-19th

“why wait for Black Friday”
30,000 Direct Mailers
Guerilla Marketing with DM Layout 2,000 per club
Targeting Spanish population for Barker Cypress club
Change web landing page to highlight this
QR Codes inserted on Each Flyer

November 20th-December 1st!
BEST DEAL of the Year!
“$10 a Month or NO DUES TIL 2020!”
Dynamic Rewards
Guerilla Marketing to with Black Friday Promo flyers
1,000 Per club
Bandit Signs 20 Per club
Sign guys for week of BF
24×36 Internal signage for A-frame for Family Addons
Change web landing page to highlight this

45,000 Emails sent through Epsilon

Emails Sent through Intouch Throughout the Month to existing Leads

Digital Ads to Mimic offer

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